Lifecore Music Beats

I'm in the process of creating lifecore music beats and lifecore music. Lifecore  music is clean lyrical rap music with substance that is subdivided into various sub-genres that are fusions with other genres. Lifecore is for music fans that appreciate music with clean lyrics and great beats.

I'll be composing beats and instrumentals using Propellerhead Reason, Propellerhead ReCycle, and Adobe Audition, coupled with keyboard and drum machine MIDI controllers.

Propellerhead Reason is my choice DAW (digital audio workstation).


Propellerhead ReCycle is my choice audio sample editor and loop slicer. It lets users slice sampled audio loops into reimagined rhythms, melodies, and grooves. The resulting files are in the REX file format, which can be imported into Propellerhead Reason.

Adobe Audition is my choice multitrack audio recorder and editor.